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HydroPure Technologies, Inc.
Providing Hydrocarbon Purification Technologies to the Petroleum Industry
Solids extracted from sludge STS unit in Texas Mobile STS unit interior
HydroPure Technologies, Inc. provides state-of-the-art hydrocarbon sludge treatment technologies to the petroleum industry. The drilling, production, transportation, storage, and
STS unit in New Mexico
STS facility in Canada
Sludge lagoon in Texas
refining of petroleum create difficult-to-break, abrasive, oil/water/solid emulsions and dispersions, which have historically posed serious problems for petroleum companies. HydroPure's Sludge Treatment Systems ("STS") have processed millions of barrels of difficult-to-break sludges in the US, Canada, and Europe with great success. HydroPure's STS systems are proven reliable, economical, and effective and have been successful where other technologies have failed.

HydroPure provides all of the tools needed for a company to process oily sludge including:
  • Engineering and manufacturing its specialty HydroPure Tri-Phase Centrifuges.
  • Providing turn-key STS Systems that include all of the necessary ancillary equipment, controls, etc.
  • Formulating and selling its own line of HydroPure PetroChem sludge treatment chemicals.
  • Providing a full-service centrifuge repair facility.
  • Providing on-site training and support.
  • Providing treatment services to waste generators.